About us

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Premo helps the world’s creators build a sustainable business around their most valuable content. By redefining the content business model, we help justify the delivery of the high-quality, exclusive insights that your most engaged followers demand.

If you are a consumer, you probably struggle to wade through heaps of subpar content on your social channels. In our marketplace, rest assured that you are browsing the most respected thought leaders online. We carefully vet our partners, but ultimately let the community decide who is most successful.

Our journey began by providing investment insights to thousands of followers on social media. Like most content businesses, we monetized our followers on a separate site with premium subscriptions. We realized, however, that a lot of people, and dollars, kept falling through the cracks.

Eventually, we saw the opportunity to provide premium content to our most engaged followers directly on the networks. In our industry, the market demanded gamechanging insights in a single channel. For years, there was no way to do that. Until now…

Our Mission

To empower creators to share the high-quality content that their followers demand.