Premo lets you easily earn money from selling subscriptions to your private Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Earn Money with Private Twitter or Instagram Accounts

With Premo you can sell subscriptions to your private Twitter and Instagram feeds - your followers pay to access! Premo allows you to generate revenue from your content and distribute it directly in the social media networks your followers already use.

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Premo automates managing a subscription to your Twitter or Instagram private account

Premo automates all the cumbersome steps so that you can spend more time producing premium content. We handle accepting new followers and the entire subscription process, and you get paid daily!

Premo automates the subscription management process from charging subscribers monthly to adding and removing followers.

Estimate Potential Earnings

How many followers do you have?

How many may pay to follow a private account of your best content?

How much might they pay per month?

You could be earning*


Per year

* Premo fee start at 10% per subscription. Volume discounts available. Third party credit card processing fees charged separately.

The Features to Automate Your Subscription Business


Create account and login with Twitter or Instagram
Subscriber status dashboard
Subscription purchase page custom URL
Secure payment processing
Funds transfer directly to your bank account
Subscriber support and self-service


Set monthly or annual pricing
Offer coupons to attract new subscribers
Offer free trials
Sell subscriptions to Twitter, Instagram or both
Bundle subscriptions with other creators
Spanish language version of website, support and emails


Automatically add new subscribers to private accounts
Automatically charge subscribers each month
Automatically remove followers from private account after subscription cancellation
Email confirmations and expiration date reminders

Questions? We Have Answers

Browse our community to find the best premium content available online. When you find what you’re looking for, process a quick payment, and we will automatically add you as a follower of the premium feed with your existing social media account. It’s that simple!
For now, we are only available on Twitter and Instagram. We have plans to expand to many more networks and distribution platforms in the coming months. Let us know if you have a network that you think would be especially relevant!
You can cancel a subscription at any time without penalty. Once you cancel, we will immediately halt any charges to your credit card. You will retain access to the content for the remainder of the subscription period. You can manage your subscriptions from your account page

Earn money for your content

Turn your Twitter or Instagram following into revenue for your best content shared through private accounts.

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